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You hummed softly as you walked through the fairly large house that you lived in. It was not often that your husband had to be gone for a whole week due to political affairs, but when he had to it was nice for you. See you did not really like your husband, and you had not had a choice if you wanted to marry him or not since it was basically a forced marriage. He did not seem to care for you or even want to be around you unless he was ‘in the mood’ and that was not very often. You were almost certain that he was sleeping with other women whenever he left to do work. You always wondered if any of the past czar’s wives were treated like this but you shrugged it off.


You finally stopped walking to look around, you hated to admit it but because of the house’s size, you did get lost a lot. Luckily, for you today was not one of those days and you had successfully found the door to the backyard/garden. You went outside and took a deep breath, bringing in the lovely smell of the outdoors. Your husband did not let you outside much because he feared you would get sick, ruining him having fun in the process.


You walked quietly through the garden, not wanting any of the guards to notice you. You managed to make it to the back of the garden without being much noise; this was your favorite part of the whole garden. The back was lined with sunflowers and a bench sitting directly in the middle. You went to the bench and sat down, stretching as well. You smiled to yourself and closed your eyes, if only this peace could last.


“_(f/n)_, you shouldn’t be out here da?” a deep voice broke through the quiet. You opened your eyes to see a guard standing right in front of you. This was not any normal guard that worked here though. This was your favorite guard, Ivan. You had to admit the only reason that he was your favorite was not his looks, though that was a bonus, it was that even though he seemed cold to everyone else, he was sweet as honey to you. He was always letting you get away with things that the other guards would not let you, and this caused you to fall in love with the tall Russian.


“I shouldn’t be, but I wanted to. Come sit with me,” you replied, smiling sweetly as the man walked over and sat on the bench with you.


“You have to be more careful da? What if another guard had caught you and not me, they would have told him for sure,” he stated, leaning back against the chair enjoying the warm sun that cast down on him.


“Then I would be in big trouble. But it was you, so I’m not,” you said, closing your eyes again. There was silence after you finished speaking, you couldn’t tell because your eyes were closed but Ivan was staring as you. Trying to memorize your image as if you were about to disappear.


“We should go back inside da? We can find something to entertain you in there,” he finally put in, standing on to his full height of a really tall Russian.


“Fine,” you pouted slightly, hoping to make him feel bad. You stood and followed behind the Russian, knowing that his tall stature will keep you from being seen by the other guards.




~~Le Timeskip of Time~~ (Le Whoosh)




You now sat on your gigantic, soft bed in boredom. You may have a crush on Ivan but he was pretty bad with coming up with ideas on how to entertain you. Right now, he was trying to tell a joke.


“And then the American walked in da and,” he said trying to come up with something.


“Ivan just stop,” you finally told him. “You don’t need to tell me jokes.”


“Okay,” he replied, sitting down on the bed next to you and sighing sadly.


“What’s wrong?” you asked him, tilting your head to the side.


“It is nothing, just girl problems,” he answered, looking down to his lap.


“Maybe I can help? Because I am a girl you know,” you told him, scooting closer.


“Well,” he started finally looking up at you. “I have a crush on a girl I know, da? But, she’s with someone else. I think she might like me, but it is hard to tell and it would be bad if the person she was with found out.”


“I see,’ you started, your heart ached slightly to know that he liked someone and not you. “Just tell her about your feelings, but make sure that the one she is with isn’t there when you tell her, or anyone that would tell him.”


“Okay, thanks,” he said and stood up looking at the clock. “It is late, I should be going da? Go to sleep soon.” With that he walked out the door and left you to be alone.




~~Le Timeskip to Midnight~~ (Le Whoosh)




You woke up to the sound of something moving outside the door to your bedroom. As you sat up you heard a light knock, and then footsteps running away. You stood up walking to the door in the dark, not bothering to turn the light on.


You opened your door and looked around, no one. When you looked down you noticed a note on the floor. You picked it up and looked over it. It read-






Please meet me in the garden.


At the bench near the flowers of the sun.


I have something I wish to tell you.




The letter was not sighed so you did not know who put it there. You sighed as you threw on a long jacket over your short pajamas, your husband made you wear, and went outside. The wind was quite cold that night as you walked through the garden and to the bench, sitting down. You waited for a while in the cold, and were about to go in but…


“_(f/n)_,” a voice spoke up making you look up, it was Ivan.


“Ivan what did you,” you started standing up but was interrupted by something. His lips, you blushed as he pulled you closer in hopes you would respond, and you did. You, almost, instantly kissed back and wrapped your arms around his neck, he was a great kissing.


“_(f/n)_,” he repeated when you broke for air. “My sunflower, I love you.”


“I-Ivan, I love you too but,” you trailed off, looking down as tears threatened to spill over.


“Sunflower, you don’t have to worry about him, da. We can leave right now, we can run away so he wouldn’t find us,” Ivan said, look in your eyes with his intense purple ones.


“No Ivan, I can’t think of what he would do if he found you I’m sorry,” you said turning to leave but a hand on your wrist stopped you.


“Please,” he pleaded, you could hear the hurt in his voice.




~~Le Timeskip of 2 years~~ (Le Whoosh)




You tossed in your bed as light streamed in through the window. An arm wrapped around your waist and pulled you so that the light did not bother you. You smiled warmly, not opening your eyes.


“You’re finally awake, da?” a deep voice asked as your forehead was kissed.


“Da,” you giggled opening your eyes to look at the man with you.


“What would you like for breakfast my sunflower?” he questioned, as his hand rubbed your arm gently.


“Whatever you would like,” you replied, placing a kiss to his cheek and smiling.


“Okay, I will go make something, da?” he said, getting out of bed and walking to the door. As he reached it, however, he turned around giving you a caring smile. “_(f/n)_, I love you.”


“I love you too Ivan,” you replied and he went to make breakfast. You rolled over and stared at the ceiling. That decision you made two years ago was the best choice you ever made. 

Ehhh, this one was long.
Requested by :iconneosailorcrystal:

Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:
Story (c) :iconmiskuki:
You & :iconneosailorcrystal: belong to :iconsexyrussiaplz:
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