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January 22, 2013
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You quickly packed your backpack with great intent. Your mom was out of town so she would not notice in time, and you did not know where your dad since he left you years ago. You quickly changed into a sweatshirt, baggy jeans, and baseball cap and threw the last of your items in the bag. You sighed and zipped it up, slinging it over your shoulder, and headed to the bus stop. It did not take long for the bus to arrive and for you to get on it to head off to your small high school.


~~Le Timeskip of Time~~ (Le Whoosh)


You threw the bag into your locker and grabbed out your school bag just as your longtime friend, one of the only two that knows your real gender, came up.


“Hi-a _(f/n)_!” the cheery Italian said, as he pulled you into a big hug.


“Hey Feli, not with your brother this morning I see,” you stated, returning the hug.


“Oh, Lovino had-a to do something this-a morning,” he replied, smiling dorkily and not noticing the small blush that appeared on you at just the mention of his brother’s name, the second one to know.


“I see, well we should be getting to class then,” you quickly said as he finally looked at you, and you began to drag him to class as he began to quickly speak about who knows what but mostly pasta.


~~Le Timeskip of Time~~ (Le Whoosh) (Le Again)


“Okay class, since we finished up early, and don’t have any more work to do, so you can have the remaining time to yourselves,” the teacher told the class before turning to the pile of paperwork on her desk.


“_(f/n)_-a! How-a are you-a?” Feli almost shouted as he bounced to you.


“The same as I was at the beginning of the class,” you said rolling your eyes, as you ran through your plan in your head one more time. Right after school, I will take the train.


“Are-a you sure-a? You-a seem a little-a distracted,” he stated, worry lacing his words and unknown to you, he already knew what you were planning.


“Yeah, I’m just thinking about a lot of stuff,” you lied as you opened a book to get him to quit bugging you about it.


“Okay-a,” he replied half-heartedly.


“Ohonhonhon,” a French voice laughed and you mentally rolled your eyes.


“Go away Francis,” you growled in anger.


“Now now _(f/n)_, no need to be upset,” his Spanish friend said, pulling up a chair and sitting down.


“Kesesese, hey _(f/n)_, how about you let us get you a girl?” the last of the self-proclaimed ‘Bad Touch Trio’ asked as he sat on the desk in front of you.


“No thank you,” you said through gritted teeth, wanting them to go away.


“Why not chico? You’re the only guy in school without a girlfriend,” the Spaniard stated.


“Yeah, even your friend Feli has a frau,” the Prussian told you as if it was a miracle Feli had one.


“I don’t care who has one and who does not, I don’t want a girl,” you told them.


“I know, vhy doesn’t _(f/n)_ get vith zat Hungarian girl?” he continued as if you didn’t speak at all.


“Non, she’s with Arthur remember?” Francis replied, looking like he was deep in thought.


“Quit it! I. Do. Not. Want. A. Girl,” you said each word as if it was in its own sentence so they would shut up.


“Please _(f/n)_, the only vay you vouldn’t vant a girl is if you were gay,” the albino said a bit too loudly causing people to look at you four.


“But Gilbert, maybe he is gay,” the Spanish man stated, looking over at you with suspicion.


“Will you three just shut up!” you yelled. You then continued to stand up and walked out the door just as the bell rang for the end of school.


~~Le Timeskip of Time~~ (Le Whoosh) (Le Once Again)


“Where’s the idiota _(f/n)_?” Lovino asked his brother who was at his locker grabbing his stuff.


“_(f/n)_-a is getting on-a train,” his brother replied sadly, sad he would never see his friend again.


“What-a do you mean?” his brother questioned.


“She-a is running away-a,” Feli told him, shutting the locker door.


“Vov, _(f/n)_ a frau?!” Gilbert exclaimed, having been listening in on their conversation.


“Ohonhon, so that’s why she didn’t want a girl,” Francis said.


“Will-a you three-a perverted people-a go away-a,” Lovino yelled at them and the three scurried away, not wanting to make him away more upset. He then turned to his brother. “Which train station?”


“The one-a on first-a street,” the younger brother replied. Suddenly Feli had to hold on to his books tighter as the wind moved quickly past him as his brother took off. He smiled to himself and he began his walk home, “That-a was easier then-a I thought-a.”


~~Le Timeskip of Time~~ (Le Whoosh) (Le Last time)


“Your seat is on the third car sir,” an attendant told you and you mumbled ‘thanks’ as you went to the third cart like he said.


“The train to _(insert random place)_ will be leaving in 15 minutes, all abroad that is going abroad,” the attendant lady said over the intercom as you made your way to your seat. You sat your backpack on the seat across from you and sat down, stretching out casually.


“Soon, I’ll have made it. Finally,” you said to yourself looking out the window, and not noticing the person who sat down beside you.


“The train to _(random place)_ is now leaving, please remain in your seats until he have made it away from the station,” the attendant said before she started her rounds. You leaned back and closed your eyes.


“Getting-a comfortable?” the person spoke causing your eyes to snap wide open and turn to face the person.


“L-Lovino? W-what are you doing here,” you stuttered out while blushing like a lunatic.


“Well-a, I’m following-a you idiota! What-a where you-a thinking!” he yelled out the question, making it come out as almost a statement.
“Well I,” you started but were interrupted by a pair of warm lips on yours. Your eyes widen and at first you did not respond but when it seemed that he was going to pull away out of anger of you not responding, you kissed back. Your sudden eagerness startled him, but none-the-less he continued the kiss and wrapped his arms around you. Soon, unfortunately, you had to break the kiss for lack of air, and to get the other passengers to quit staring at two ‘guys’ kissing, and you just stared at him in shock.


“You were-a not thinking. Why-a would you-a leave me-a?” he asked you, as tears threatened to escape his eyes. You snuggled into his chest, for you did not want to see him cry. He kept his face looking towards the people on the other said who were staring, and he glared at them to get them to stop.


“I didn’t know how you felt Lovino,” you muttered into his chest, nuzzling it slightly that caused him to blush slightly. “I’m sorry.” Lovino sighed as you pulled away to look at him, you smiling.


“Well-a, it is too late-a for that. Guess-a I am coming with-a you,” he said, leaning back into his seat. “Because-a I cannot-a have you-a running around in another city alone-a.” You smiled again, but this time at his protectiveness.


“I guess that’s a good deal,” you said, leaning back as well when the train started to move.


“Hey-a _(f/n)_?” he spoke up as you were about to fall asleep.


“Yes?” you questioned, looking up at the taller man who was looking forward.


“At-a this new-a town, will you-a dress like a girl?” he asked you in a serious tone.


“Hmm… No,” you said with a smile and closing your eyes so that you did not see the wide eyes that he had from your response. Teasing him was just too fun because he always reacted so well, and always will. 

But yet another request completed, this one took a while because I had a bad case of writer's block. This was requested by - :iconnuyy93:

Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:
Story (c) :iconmiskuki:
You and :iconnuyy93: belong to :iconsexyromanoplz:
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