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January 16, 2013
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You were it, the last girl. The only girl the BTT (Bad Touch Trio) had not been able to seduce and they hated it. The way it seemed that no guy was good enough for you, that everyone was your friend, and no one hated you. They hated it, but loved it at the same time. They had slowly fallen in love with you but you would not fall for their tricks.


It was senior year and this year, it seemed all the guys were trying to get you to finally go out with one of them. When they were not confessing their love, you were finding love letters in your locker. Sure, you would think that having all the guys swoon over you would be the greatest thing ever but after a while, it kind of gets annoying. The worst part is, you agreed that if the guy you really liked asked you to prom you would say yes to him.


You sighed as the sixth person today asked you to the dance and you declined. You carelessly threw your books into your locker and suddenly heard footsteps getting closer. You shut the locker door and turned away in hopes to leave before they got close, too late.


“Ohonhon~ And where is _(f/n)_ off to now?” a thick French-accented voice asked from behind you. You sighed turning to face the trio.


“To class, like the three of you should be doing as well,” you replied in monotone.


“Por que chica? Class es muy boring,” the Spaniard said in an almost childish voice.


“Because if you don’t, you don’t graduate,” you replied turning back around in an attempt to leave.


“Vait frau,” the Prussian-accent spoke as the albino ran out in front of you to stop you. “Ve need to ask you…”


“Will you go to the dance...” continued the Spaniard.


“With one of us?” ended the Frenchman. You slightly raise an eyebrow towards them.


“What makes you think that the guy I like is one of you?” you questioned them with amusement lacing every one of your words.


“Because vhy vouldn’t it be?” the Prussian seriously asked you causing a sigh to escape you once more.


“Here chica, how about tu tell us who you like and we’ll leave tu alone?” the Spaniard said with hope and received a glare from the albino.


“You promise to leave me alone if I tell you?” you replied with narrowed eyes, wanting the agreement to be said from the other members of the trio. They glanced at each other before replying.


“Ja, I guess.”




You let out a sigh, not wanting to be anymore late to class.


“Fine then, I like…”




(See description for links to the second parts)

Short, yus I know deal with it.

Who do you choose?:

:iconsexyprussiaplz: Prussia : [link]
:iconsexyfranceplz: Fance : [link]
:iconsexyspainplz: Spain : [link]
??? : [link]
(You can vote for that ending ^)
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