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January 22, 2013
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“I like Antonio,” you mumbled out, barely loud enough for the boys to hear but they heard all right.

“Really chica?” Antonio said, blinding a few times as if he believed he was dreaming or heard you wrong but you simply nodded yes looking down slightly. “That means you’re going to the prom with me si?”

"Sure,” you muttered, shuffling your feet out of embarrassment, knowing the other two boys were most likely staring at you baffled. You heard movement and that was soon hushed when you then looked up and noticed Gilbert and Francis had walked off and left you and Antonio in the hallway, alone.

“Muy bueno chica,” he said, giving your cheek a quick peck before tugging on your arm for you to follow.


~~Le Timeskip of Time~~ (Le Whoosh)


He pulled you along until you arrived at what you believed to be his locker. He told you to wait as he unlocked the locker and dug through it. Soon, he pulled out a small box and handed it to you and you just looked at it in puzzlement before he spoke.

“It’s your birthday next week, so I had gotten you something,” he said, looking away with a blush. “Open it.”

“Oh, thank you,” you replied as you opened the box and gasped. Inside was a beautiful necklace with a gem in the middle made to look like a tomato. “Ohmygosh! Antonio it’s beautiful!”

“I’m glad you think so,” he said as he took the necklace and put it on you for you. You smiled as you looked at the silver jewelry hanging around your neck. You turned to face Toni and gave him a peck on the lips, causing him to blush as red as the necklace. You giggled at his reaction, which caused him to snap out of it and start tugging you along.

“To class mi chica!” he announced, making you giggle again.


~~Le Timeskip of Time~~ (Le Whoosh)


The two of you had made it to class just as the bell rang and you sat in your usual spot. It was _(fav. Class)_, and the reason it was your favorite wasn’t because it was easy, it was because the teacher fell asleep all the time giving you a free period.

“Okay class we are,” the teacher started before slumping over asleep. It did not take long for the class to become loud, and surprisingly it did not wake the teacher from her sleep. Toni had moved closer to you and now was holding your hand under the desk, classic middle school move, to avoid others from noticing. It was not much longer before another boy came up and was about to ask you out when…

“Listen up chicos!” Toni said standing up. “_(f/n)_ is mi chica so I do not want anyone else to ask her out.” He then sat back down and glared at the boy until he left causing you to laugh. “Chica?”

“Toni, that was priceless,” you said between fits of laughter. You laughed even harder when you noticed he was blushed again.

“Chica,” he sighed and then shut you up with a forceful kiss on the lips. Now you were blushing as he did not back away this time but instead, wrapped an arm around you and pulled you closer. Lack of air later, he pulled away and both of you were panting.

“Te amo chica,” he said between breaths and placed his forehead on yours.

“Te amo también,” you replied, giggling again. You were really glad you had fallen for the less perverted one. You knew this relationship was going to…

“Hey Antonio! Vhen are you going to get your frau in bed?” Gilbert asked popping up behind the two of you.

“Gilbert!” you shouted in anger and were about to slap him when…

“Soon hopefully,” Toni replied with a smirk towards you. You glared for a second and then. “OUCH!” both Toni and Gilbert said collapsing to the ground in pain.

“Ohonhon, Guess they won’t be having children,” Francis said laughing but then looked at you, saw you glaring, and shut up. “N-Now _(f/n)_ b-be reasonable, I did not say anything it was all them,” he pleaded as he ran away.


“Pfft, I didn’t hit Toni as hard as the other, he should still be good,” you muttered, leaning back in your seat causing the whole class to laugh.

This be antonio's ending(Spain)
Intro here: [link]

Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:
Story (c) :iconmiskuki:
You belong to :iconsexyspainplz:
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Oh my gosh the ending xD
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I probably would slap Globert twice and be like "No bad Gil."
CanadaFan08 Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2013  Student Photographer
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te amo, Senor, or Senorita. I don't know your gender. Me gusta the story.
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