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United States
Sign: Scorpio (Nov. 13)
Sexuality: Lesbian
Status: Single~
Zodiac: The Rat
Grade: Junior in High School
Hobbies: Cosplaying & Writing

A Bit about me: I am currently going to my Senior year of high school. I am a member of FBLA, NHS, Star Wars Club (President), and yearbook. I am also a part of my school's soccer team as a wing (both left and right). I'm planning to further my education after high school by going to business school for management. I have a passion for writing, photography, and photo manipulation. I'm quite friendly so feel free to message me if you feel like talking. :)

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✌Peace Out✌
I'd like to apologize to my lovely followers for my long period
of not posting anything. I had FBLA state, finals, exams, and soccer try-outs to
deal with. Lucky I now have the whole month of june free from any
other commitments so I will have nothing else to do.
I will continue with my Jacob Black x Reader and if you guys
have any requests let me know, I will begin to work on some other stories as well.
But that is all for now.


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Hurrah for pride! :hug:

Stay proud <3

If you want to meet more lady-lovers, pride parades are awesome places to go. If your school has a GSA club, I'd totally recommend that. A local church here holds PFLAG meetings, if you look into it maybe one by you does too, and that is, of course, also a good place to meet girls that like girls x) And the other lesbian in your school...I'm sure she knows you exist. Gay people have a weird sense for other gay people. I'm sure she knows. : 3
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